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What our Students Say

Highly Recommended


I would highly recommend this course to all individuals with at least 6 months of good experience on Tableau. It seems overwhelming at the start, but after the first lesson, the repeated tasks, get ingrained in your brain. Toan's experience of mentoring and teaching about his passion for Tableau really reflects in the course.

Standing Out


Do you want to stand out with Tableau visualizations? Toan's one of the best (if not the best in the world) for really creative Tableau visualizations.

So Many Great Tutorials


I have been following Toan’s Tableau Magic blogs this year and have found so many great tutorials. His explanations are always clear with easy to follow step by step instructions. He makes even the most complex chart types easy for beginners to tackle. I have learned so much from the Tableau Magic blogs and it is always the first place I look when I am trying to learn how to make a specific chart type to enhance a Tableau viz.

Thank You


Probably one of the BEST courses I've taken on Udemy, and I've taken a lot! Very well-paced, tons of examples and resources and great summaries at the end of every section. I'm super excited to dive into Tableau and see what I come up with. Thank you.

Without Thinking Twice


I have taken part 1 before and enrolled in part 2 without thinking twice. This course brings my Tableau visualization skills to the next level. I highly recommend it.

I Learned a Ton


I learned a ton. I really appreciated how we built up to the final and Toan's way of the additive design process and reinforcement of the basics. My style of learning.