What You Will Learn

Tableau Desktop is often referred to as the Gold Standard for Data Visualization, Data Discovery and Self-Service Data Analytics, and caters for all users from IT Practitioners, to Data Scientists, to Data Consumers. One of the area's people shy away from (to their detriment) is learning about the vast power of Advanced Calculations in Tableau; through understanding these advanced calculations and associated concepts, you will further enhance your ability to translate your requirements into amazing dashboards. Plus, these are the advanced questions asked at interviews and too often seem as a gauge for identifying your skill level in Tableau. In this course, we will learn about Table Calculations and Level-of-Detail (LOD) Expressions.

  • Understanding and leveraging Table Calculations

  • Understanding and leveraging Level-of-Detail (LOD) Expressions

  • Intermediate / Advanced Tableau Concepts

  • 6-12 Months of Tableau Desktop Experience

  • Tableau Desktop / Tableau Public Installed

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About this Course

    • Focus on Learning

    • Superstore Data Source

  • 2

    Table Calculations

    • Introduction to Table Calculations

    • Exploring Quick Table Calculations

    • Configuring Quick Table Calculations

    • Writing Table Calculations

    • Configuring Table Calculations

    • Working with Nested Table Calculations

    • Table Calculation and Filtering

    • Summary

  • 3

    Table Calculation Exercises

    • Exercise: Cumulative Aggregations

    • Exercise: Percentage of Total

    • Exercise: Ranking

    • Exercise: Moving Averages

    • Exercise: Differences

    • Exercise: Anchor Values

  • 4

    Level-of-Detail (LOD) Expression

    • Introduction to Level-of-Detail (LOD) Expressions

    • Understanding Aggregations in Tableau

    • Understanding Level-of Detail (LOD) Scoping Keywords

    • FIXED LOD Expressions

    • INCLUDE LOD Expressions

    • EXCLUDE LOD Expressions

    • Understanding Nested Level-of Detail (LOD) Expressions

    • Understanding LOD Filtering

    • Understanding Level-of-Detail (LOD) Limitations

    • Summary

  • 5

    Level-of-Detail (LOD) Exercises

    • Exercise: Table Scoped

    • Exercise: Customer Order Frequency

    • Exercise: Cohort Analysis

    • Exercise: Avg. Sales per Customer

    • Exercise: Avg. Daily Sales

    • Exercise: Excluding from View

  • 6

    Closing the Course

    • Course Review

    • Practice make Perfect

    • Thank You