What You Will Learn

We are going to go through the steps required to build our very own Google COVID-19 Mobility Dashboard. The key learning points will be the finer details around formatting and how to layout your dashboard for Pixel Perfect output.

  • Designed for anyone with an interests in building professional Tableau Dashboards

  • Formatting and Pixel Perfect Layouts in Tableau using Horizontal and Vertical Containers

  • Creating simple and effective Mobile Dashboard Layouts

  • All you require is Tableau Desktop / Tableau Public Installed

  • Tableau version 2019.2 and above

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About this Course

    • Google COVID-19 Mobility Dashboard

    • Focus on Learning

  • 2

    Google Mobility Data

    • What is Google Mobility Data?

    • Downloading Google Mobility Data

    • Exploring Google Mobility Data

  • 3

    Building the Worksheets

    • Introduction

    • Most Recent Mobility Worksheets

    • Trend Over Time Worksheet

    • Moving Average Worksheet

    • Summary

  • 4

    Assembling the Dashboard

    • Introduction

    • Obtaining the Dashboard Colours

    • Obtaining the Dashboard Images

    • Creating the Perfect Layout with Containers

    • Creating a Dynamic Toggle

    • Showing Additional Information

    • Creating a Mobile Dashboard Layout

    • Summary

  • 5


    • Course Review

    • Practice Makes Perfect

    • Thank You